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How to fill in a scorecard correctly.

3rd March 2019

How to mark a scorecard correctly:

  • Start by filling in where it says competition with the name of competition. e.g. February Medal, Midweek Stableford or Supplementary Card.

  • Your full name will go in the Player A box.

  • If you have a handicap fill that in the handicap box.

  • Fill in the date you are playing.

  • On the right hand side at the top of the scorecard it has three different colours. These determine which tees you played from so please tick the appropriate colour and will adjust the course difficulty.

  •  If you're playing in a team format please make sure that everybody's name and handicap is clearly displayed (player A’s name is in the player A box etc).

  •  If you're playing an individual round at this point you will now exchange cards with a playing partner. From this point onwards your score will go in the markers score. This then gives you a score to check against your actual scorecard.

  • The number of strokes/shots will go in the box and the number of points will go in the column on the right hand side.

  • Once the round is complete make sure the marker (player D) signs the card in the markers signature and the player (A, B or C) signs the card in the players signature section.

  • This is now the opportunity to check your markers score against your scorecard. Remember it is your responsibility to sign for your own score.

  • SIgn the bottom of the card and hand it over to the competition organiser/professional shop.

Any questions please pop into the professional shop and Rob or Sean will be happy to help.

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